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Cosmetic facial acupuncture in Kwangdong oriental medicine hospital Korea is introduced in the magazine "TOWN&COUNTRY"

NAME admin


HIT 12,637

DATE 2016-10-26


Women in the United States may aim to 
look five or 10 years younger with plastic surgery, but the goal
 in Korea is to go 
back to the cradle by restoring babylike plumpness to the nose and cheeks, under the eyes, and even to the forehead. Yet it's not just locals who come for extreme cosmetic procedures. According to the Korean Tourism Organization, the number of medical tourists has nearly doubled over the last three years.

At Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, the goal is slightly more realistic. Yoon and I agree to try
 the Intensive Care Acupuncture Facial, a $1,200 treatment explained in an oversize book that also comes in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Mongolian. Up to 300 points on the face will be punctured with needles that do triple duty, as stimulators of collagen and elastin and as acupuncture meridian points that help increase blood circulation in the face. After clinic manager Deborah Park promises that the results—plumper skin, less pronounced wrinkles, minimized pores—will last a year, Dr. Choi Woo Jeong comes in to inspect my tongue. "Oh," she says, immediately assessing my condition. "Tired. And dry." She's back a few minutes later to poke needles into my face, an intensely painful process that leaves tiny bruises on my cheeks for about a week. Park holds my hand throughout. When I thank her for doing so, she says, "I'm not just holding, I'm praying."

Once the bruises finally heal, and 
my husband admits that I came home resembling the emperor from Star Wars, Yoon and I start messaging each other frantically. We've both noticed a lifting effect we didn't know we needed, particularly around the nose. She reports more plumpness and a more even tone, while I notice more color in my face, a side effect I attributed to the improved circulation. She's committed to doing it again next year. I may have to join her.


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