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She passes her heart and soul into her work for the benefit of others.

NAME admin


HIT 1,798

DATE 2014-10-25

Symptom : Neck & Back Pain
Treatment : Chuna, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Therapy, Acupuncture, Moxibustion
Age : 1981
Date : Sept. 27, 2014

I lived in Seoul for a year and a half, a friend recommended Kwangdong to me one month before I left.
I only wish I had been introduced to Kwangdong sooner. I have loved every minute of my experience here.
The concept of blending eastern + western health care philosophies is how it should be done across the world.
The blend is perfect for me, less invasive, much more therapeutic and comprehensive, not to mention effective, safe, without chemical's side effects.

This said, I would not have experienced the riches of Kwangdong had it not been for Deborah Park.
She makes the experience. She welcomes you the first minute you speak to her over the phone. 
She eliminates any and all reservations with her warmth, professionalism, genuine care and mastery of not only English but seem less translation at medical terms. She passes her heart and soul into her work for the benefit of others.
She has been available to me via phone + Kakao 24/7. I would not have visited as frequently had Deborah not been so extern play, inviting and perfect. I had invited many friends to my Kwangdong.
I am confident in you not only expertise and compassion but your gentle and soothing embrace of your patients especially your American patients, given the language barrier. I thank everyone who has seen me here, but it it Deborah Park who deserves my utmost gratitude for integrating me into your brilliant health care system.

Please contact me at : if I can be of assistance.

P.S. Dr. Go's (manual therapy) explanation of my structural imbalance and issues will help me seek the best care upon my return to the USA.

This is my first visit.

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