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Immediately identified the root cause of my injury

NAME admin


HIT 1,318

DATE 2014-11-12

Symptom : Hamstring Tendonitis
Treatment : AK, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Massage
Age : 30
Date : 2014.10.25

Before visiting Kwangdong, I was experiencing sharp pain behind my right knee.
I had visited another doctor and physical therapist about my condition but my knee did not improve. By chance, a friend recommended Kwangdong.
I was hesitant but to get healthy!
Upon my first visit, Dr. Ko immediately identified the root cause of my injury and
gave me exercise to perform on my own. After four visits of seeing Dr.Ko and physical therapist, and a manager therapists, I was healthy. Had I not visited Kwangdong, I would probably still be injured now.
 Kwangdong offers exceptional care. Deborah makes every appointment a comfortable experience. This hospital truly cares for their patients. I have recommended Kwangdong to several friends and co-workers. After they visit, they feel the same way as I do!

This is my first visit.

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