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Detox One-Day Diet

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Detox One-Day Diet

All that everyday stress and irregular, unhealthy eating habits often contribute to weight gain.
With poor blood and energy circulations toxins pile up in our body. This causes swellings, tiredness, plump body, and so on.
The program helps to loose some body fat by stimulating metabolism, improving digestive system, and detoxifying.
Recommended : high body mass index, wish to detoxify body, irregular and unhealthy eating habits
Effects : detoxification, lower body mass index, preventive care


Medical Questionnaire → Body Composition Analysis → blood test/ECG (electrocardiogram) → consultation → Acupuncture → Detox Therapy (1 area) → Electro-lipolysis acupuncture (3 areas) → Moxibustion or Phyto Steam Chair

+ 3 kinds of Diet Herbal Medicine (1 month)

  • body fat breakdown, nutrition balance, detoxification, appetite suppression
  • prescribed by the doctor according to body type

PE and manual therapies are also available

Body Composition Analysis

Dr.’s Consultation

Phyto Steam Chair


Electro-lipolysis acupuncture

Detox Abdomen Massage

Individually prescribed
3 kinds of Detox & Diet Herbal Medicine

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