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Various Herbal medicine

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Herbal Medicine

Cure root causes with individual description.
Choice : Drinking type, granules, ball

Detox & Diet Herbal Medicines

Drinking Type Herbal medicine
Treatment of the conditions that caused weight gain
Enhances fat burning process, Boosts metabolism

Nutritional granules
Contains minerals, vitamins, fibers, and protein
Prevents weight rebound (Yoyo effects)

Detox granules
Improves bowel movement & Enhances detoxification process

Kong Jin Dan (Stamina Herb Ball)

Outstanding effects for chronic tiredness, dizziness, migraines and stamina
by improvement of immunity and strengthening liver function.
Ingredients : Muscus, deer antlers, cornus officinalis, angelica gigas

KyungOkKo (Granules or Jelly Type)

Outstanding effects for Weak constitution, physical exhaustion by
strengthening heart and spleen.
Ingredients : white ginseng, honey, rehmania root, white hoelen

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