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  • Treatment

Percussive Acupuncture

Kwangdong's Unique Acupuncture Skills combined with needle stimulation and acupressure.
It is very effective on acute pain for muscle spasm and also be used for body contour correction.


Promotes the circulation of blood and release pain by stimulating meridian with ultra fine needles.
* Kwangdong uses only disposable needles for top safety and no infection.


Pure Herbal injection into acupoints or pain trigger points. The procedure helps to normalize cell functions in theaffected area, smooth muscle spasms, and treat inflammations.

Dr.’s AK

Check muscles, joints, neurology, posture to find out problem inside & outside of body.
The doctor manipulate soft tissue and joint properly and help keep the best spinal alignment. It is focus on the improvement of muscle balance, spinal stabilization and prevention of recurrence of chronic pain

Manual Therapy

Professional Physical Therapist specializing in muscle, bone, joint , ligament and tendon analysis the body’s imbalance and treat root causes of pain.
This therapy focus on relief the pain and increase mobility by applying soft tissue massage or spinal adjustment .

Rehabilitative Manual Therapy

Qualified Physical Therapist finds out the problem through accurate test and create customized rehabilitative exercise.
This workout is to help keep proper spinal alignment by strengthening muscle and prevent the pain.


By using air vacuum, stimulates blood circulation, enhances cell rejuvenation, and contributes to detoxification.
Good for muscle pain, spasms and tiredness


Relief pain by using warm stimulation and effects of herbal medicine generating from burning of herbs.
Outstanding effects for musculoskeletal disease – Chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, degenerative arthritis.

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