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Medical Check up

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  • Medical Health Check up Program
Medical Health Check up Program
  • Our medical check up program is specially designed for double detailed consultation both for western medicine of scientific and systematic diagnosis and prevention and oriental medicine of individual body type and diagnosis of disorder in body function.

  • Benefits : For those who have Premium Program (Medical Helath Check-up) done, 10% of O-haeng Oriental beauty treatment or Dermatology treatment is discounted.


Body Measurement

Height, Weight, Body Composition Analysis

Ophthalmology inspection

Eyesight, Intraocular Pressure, Eye Ground Exam

Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Respiratory  Test

Lung Capacity Test, Chest X-ray

Circulatory Test

Blood Pressure, Pulse, ECG

Gastrointestinal Test

Endoscopy (Sedated)

Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up

Blood Test

General Blood Test, Blood Type Test, Electrolyte Test,  Thyroid Function Test, Immune Test (Hepatitis B,C, Hepatitis Virus), Kidney Function, Diabetes Test, Gout, Rheumatoid factor test, AIDS & Syphilis Test, Liver Function Test, Pancreas Test, Lipid Test Cancer Test

Urological Test

Urinalysis / Stool Test

Gynecological examination

Pap Smear, Mammogram

Female Complete Check Up

Ultrasonography (Breast, Pelvis, Carotid, Thyroid, Abdomen, Heart)

Male Complete Check Up

Ultrasonography (Prostate, Carotid, Thyroid, Abdomen, Heart)

Musculoskeletal Test

Bone Density Test (Female)

Korean Traditional Medical Exam

Level of Arterioscelriosis , Infrared Thermography, Vestibular Function Test, Biomeridian Testing, Sasang Body Type

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